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Balmain Eyewear by AKONI


This collaboration between French fashion house Balmain and Swiss-based manufacturer AKONI is the perfect example of how to successfully translate brand DNA and brand heritage into an eyewear collection.

This unisex collection embodies the confidence and empowering spirit the Balmain Army is known for. Complex detailing and visible craftsmanship are in line with the quality of the famous Balmain ateliers. The gold details on the frames echo the medallions and buttons Pierre Balmain loved to use in his designs. AKONI, as always, distinguishes itself with its dedication to the highest levels of Japanese craftsmanship, expertise, and quality.

Because Balmain Eyewear by AKONI uses only the highest quality materials and has the most perfect fit and finishes, all frames come in very limited editions only. You can find Balmain Eyewear by AKONI in Balmain stores worldwide, carefully selected high-end opticians, and a small selection of luxury stores.