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Cazal Eyewear

When designer Cari Zalloni started his eyewear brand Cazal back in the eighties he had one thing in mind: he wanted all Cazal designs to always be easily recognizable, even from across the street. And from day one, they have been exactly that.

Cazal frames are bold frames with as much personality as the person who is wearing them. They are extravagant, often striking and always unusual, as they like to say. And what Cari Zalloni hoped and aimed for, came true: it is impossible to mistake a Cazal frame for any other eyewear brand. Cazal uses first-class materials like pure titanium or gold and every frame is made out of up to 50 elements that all undergo numerous quality checks.
From day one, Cazal was popular with people who love to make a statement with what they are wearing. In the 80s, Cazal even defined the typical hip-hop style of that era. Zalloni's design language has always been so strong, that some of his early designs are still considered to be trendsetting today.