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From the deep Northern Black Forest in Germany comes Lunor. Lunor was founded around thirty years ago with one particular idea in mind: to become an eyewear pioneer by returning to true craftsmanship.

For Lunor, tradition and technology go hand in hand. But, making frames by hand doesn't mean that cutting-edge production machines can't be used. They add a precision to the production process that no human skill can ever duplicate. At the same time, human hands give character and quality to all frames that machines can not reproduce. For instance, the typical Lunor hinge is riveted by hand one by one. Tiny screws are always hand polished and every metal frame is still soldered by hand. You get the best of both worlds at Lunor, we say.

Lunor cares about traditions, but the future is as important for them. They are committed to conserving resources and work from a zero-energy building. They are a certified carbon-neutral company and, to top things off, they care for an actual beehive on their company grounds. 'Welcome to the Luniverse', as they like to say themselves.