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When an eyewear brand does everything in-house – from processing raw materials to assembling the frames by hand – you can be sure that every little detail has gotten a lot of attention. And that will show in the end product.

Masunaga is one of Japans largest eyewear manufacturers. The company was founded in 1905 in Japan in the famous Fukui area. This part of Japan is known for its long history in the production of eyewear. But when Masunaga started, Fukui did not have the status it has now. Masunaga’s founder brought a lot of craftsmen to the area and with that he played a large role in Fukui becoming as famous for eyewear as it is now.

At Masunaga, they don’t make compromises in the production process. The making of one frame involves over 200 manual steps done by craftsmen. All those hours of work reflect themselves in the elaborate details on the nose bridges, temples and hinges of their optical glasses and sunglasses. Made from hand polished acetate or high-quality titanium, with a Masunaga frame you get the best of what the Japanese eywear industry has to offer.