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Serengeti lenses are considered by many to be the highest performing lenses there are. They easily adapt to differences in UV light intensity, without losing any clarity or sharpness. No wonder professional drivers often wear Serengeti sunglasses.

Serengeti offers two types of lenses: mineral lenses and PhD™ 2.0 NXT® Sun lenses. The first is 20% lighter and 20% thinner than standard glass. The second is a synthetic glass with great sharpness and the highest level of UVA and UVB protection.
Both lenses combine three high end technologies. The photochromic technology changes the lens from light to dark when needed. Secondly, Spectral Control® sharpens color contrasts so that even with low hanging sun you can still see clearly. The lenses are also polarized, which prevents stress on the eyes from reflecting sunlight. What makes Serengeti extra special is that they offer equal performances with prescription lenses as with non-prescription lenses.
So, if you are on the road often and you need perfect eye sight no matter what type of circumstances, Serengeti is your best choice.