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When this Austrian company was founded in 1964, eyewear was still mostly seen as functional. You wore glasses in order to solve the problem of bad eyesight. From day one, Silhouette made it clear that they themselves saw things differently. They wanted to turn glasses into fashion accessories. And so they did. And with success.

Their production philosophy focuses on craftsmanship and manual work. Timeless designs that nevertheless always feel current and that bring out the individuality of its wearers.
Silhouette Eyewear is known for making the world's lightest glasses. The use of the latest available materials and production processes, ensure that Silhouette frames continue to be new and innovative. While innovation is a big part of the company, they also still produce many iconic frames that they've launched over the years. Take for instance the Titan Minimal Art. A frame of which Silhouette has sold millions worldwide and that after all these years is still part of their collection, be it in different variants.