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A trend that is here to stay

We spoke about this trend in sunglasses before on NanaWoody&John, but in the last few weeks we’ve found some more nice examples that we just have to share with you. They prove this trend is not going anywhere soon. Let's have a look, shall we?!

So, we are talking about bold frames, but not bold in the way that they cover half your face like oversized glasses do. These sunglasses are smaller and end right above or on your cheek bones. They don’t overtake your face completely, but they are not subtle either. Made of thick acetate, either transparent or opaque, and with big temples. They come mostly in rectangular shapes, but we’ve seen some cool cat-eyes out there as well. These sunglasses have been around for a while now, and we’ve seen quite a few celebrities and influencers wearing them. The fact that fashion designers and trend-setting eyewear brands are still playing around with these types of frames, proves to us this trend is still very much alive.

On the 30th of June 2021 French designer Simon Porte Jacquemus showed his new collection for his label Jacquemus. A collection made in strong, plain colors with lots of color blocking and accessorized with big earrings, the small bags that are typical for this designer, and cool sunglasses in exactly the style we’ve been talking about above.

Another example we found at Gentle Monster, an optical brand form South Korea that recently launched their second collaboration with Ambush. Their sunglasses have more of a cat-eye shape and also illustrate the trend perfectly.

And then there’s Linda Farrow who has done a cool collaboration with Milan-based fashion label The Attico. Small but wide, rectangular shaped frames in bright colors or glamorous black and again with big temples.  

Other brands who have these trendy sunglasses in their collection include AM Eyewear, Etnia Barcelona and Scotch & Soda. So many options to choose from... Have a look and get inspired! 

AM Eyewear

Etnia Barcelona

Scotch & Soda


Lightweight elegance from Silhouette

Lightweight elegance from Silhouette

Fans of lightweight glasses have known this for years: Austrian eyewear brand Silhouette makes some of the world’s lightest frames. Recently, they launched three new collections, including a limited edition one. Let us tell you more about them…

You know how when you get up early, you can see the sky turn from bright red to orange and light pink? The ancient Greeks saw this announcing of a new day as a sign of hope, of a new beginning. And of course, they knew only a goddess could be responsible for such beauty: Eos.

Eos, goddess of the dawn is the inspiration behind Sihouette’s Eos View collection: two feminine shapes, a square and more masculine shape, and a classic panto. These prescription glasses are full-rimmed and come in six translucent colors that are reminiscent of the colors and light that fill the sky just before dawn.


Eos View

For their Infinity View collection, Silhouette looked for inspiration in how the idea of transparency has been used in architecture. The result is a small collection of ultralight frames with transparent full-rimmed fronts. The temples are extremely thin and adjustable in length for extra comfort. Again, this collection consists of two female frames, one male and one unisex frame. These frames come in an array of colors, including Silhouette’s Crystal-Clear color.


Infinity View

Last but of course not least, is Silhouette’s limited-edition collection named Momentum Select that combines the elegance of black with timeless and luxurious gold. These prescription frames are rimless, but Silhouette’s black Accent Rings give these frames the look of rimmed ones. Four models with four different glass shapes which are to be found at an exclusive selection of opticians. Timeless classics!


Momentum Select

If you're interested in seeing more Silhouette frames, go to our showroom!


6 x colorful glasses from our showroom

6 x colorful glasses from our showroom

Do you dare to wear some color on your face? If so, this blog is for you. We selected six of the most colorful frames from our showroom to inspire you. And if you think color is not your cup of tea, have a look anyway because you might be surprised...

The next six frames are presented to you in random order, because we basically love them all the same. Here we go.

  1. AM Eyewear

We start off not too bold. Just to get you into the mood. This frame from AM Eyewear has a classic Havana brown upperpart, with some light blue, almost lilac action on the lower part. The subtle metal temples tone this frame down somewhat, making it perfect glasses to start with when you want to introduce some color to your face.

  1. Elle Eyewear

Slightly transparent raspberry red with a hint of fuchsia. On paper, this might sound somewhat extreme. But these Elle Eyewear acetate glasses have a nice feminine shape and are actually not too bold. The little textured details on the rims and temples give this frame a little extra.

  1. Anne & Valentin

French eyewear brand Anne & Valentin is known for its love of color and graphics. Sometimes very bold, other times more toned down. Like these round yellow glasses. Unmistakably yellow and round, but the color is soft, and the frame is quite delicate. This way, you can wear color without the color wearing you.

  1. Etnia Barcelona

Moving on to some bolder frames. Etnia Barcelona’s collections are as colorful and diverse as the city of Barcelona itself. Bright blue clear acetate combined with a stripy pattern on the rims, this frame is probably not for everyone. But if it’s a match, it’s going to be a good one.

  1. Res/Rei

When wearing glasses in just one color isn’t enough for you, Res/Rei comes to the rescue. Light brown, purple and a touch of soft green in this frame from their Diamonds collection. This Italian eyewear company produces its own acetate colors and patterns and they are not afraid to make surprising combinations.

  1. Theo

We close the list with Belgian brand Theo. Theo is known for doing everything a little bit different, making it easier for you to stand out in a crowd. Bold use of materials, interesting details and unusual shapes, and of course strong colors. This bright green with purple metal frame says it all, we think.


Wild child Iris Apfel: ‘More is more, and less is a bore.’

Wild child Iris Apfel: ‘More is more, and less is a bore.’

Not a lot of people make it to a hundred years old, but Iris Apfel is turning 100 on the 29th of August. Iris is living proof of how choosing original and bold glasses can give you an iconic look. Here’s to more years of Apfel’s great style and energy!

Her name might not ring a bell with everyone, but you’ve likely seen her image somewhere before. She’s a businesswoman, an interior designer, but most of all a fashion icon. Even more so now than in her younger days. She loves big jewelry – she’s often seen wearing multiple statement necklaces and bangles up to her elbows – lots of colors and of course big glasses. Her most iconic pair has to be the black rounded ones she’s pictured with so often.

We’ve used the happy occasion of Apfel’s birthday to highlight some oversized frames from our showroom that have the potential to become as iconic as Iris’ pair. There are the usual suspects who are known for their love of big and bold, like Tom Ford and Victoria Beckham Eyewear, but we also found some great examples by brands you might not expect.

Have a look and you might find your next pair of glasses that can make you a fashion icon too. And you can use what Iris Apfel always says as an excuse to go wild: ‘More is more, and less is a bore!’

Tom Ford


Victoria Beckham



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Discover the benefits of our VIP Club

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The newest eyewear and where to buy it


AM Eyewear teams up with Ti Sento Milano

AM Eyewear teams up with Ti Sento Milano

At NanaWoody&John we love it when our favorite eyewear brands team up with other cool labels. Take this nice collaboration between AM Eyewear and Ti Sento Milano, known for their pretty jewelry. Such a sunny vibe…

That AM Eyewear is a cool brand is no news. Founded in Australia, AM Eyewear slowly but surely made a name for itself worldwide with its high-quality handmade glasses and sunglasses. At Ti Sento Milano, the goldsmiths love silver more than gold: they treat silver as others would only treat gold. Every piece in the collection is made of silver, with yellow or rose gold plating only added every now and then as a design element. 

Earlier this Summer, AM and Ti Sento came together on a beach somewhere warm and sunny and the result of that day is in. And it looks good!

We would totally understand if this collaboration makes you want to see some more frames from AM Eyewear. Luckily, we have a showroom full of them!


How to match your glasses with your (new) clothes. The Liu-Jo edition.

How to match your glasses with your (new) clothes. The Liu-Jo edition.

It’s almost time to say goodbye to your summer clothes. A new season is on its way and will be here sooner than you think. Better be prepared, we say. Time for a wardrobe update! At Liu-Jo they love bold colors for FW21 and we found some frames to match.

There is much to choose from the new Liu-Jo collection for Fall/Winter21, but one of the things that stands out in this new collection is the use of statement colors. Fuchsia, bright green, lilacs, and classic black mixed with white. As if they want to brighten up those darker days that are ahead of us.

Updating your wardrobe for the new season is something a lot of us do, but why not also update your glasses? Liu-Jo has a beautiful collection of optical glasses and sunglasses and we’ve made a nice selection that goes perfectly with those bright-colored clothes.

You can basically go two ways with matching your new frames with these bold colors: you either tone it down with for instance thin metal frames or you pick a pair of statement glasses. Black acetate will do or try adding another color to the palette. Either way, we’ve selected some cool frames for you from both styles. So, what style would you pick?


... or a bit bolder?

If you want to see more of the Liu-Jo collection, you can have a look at our showroom.