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Eyewear trends of AW21/22

A new season brings new trends and we at NanaWoody&John thought it was about time to get you updated on the eyewear trends of this year’s Fall and Winter season.

Big & Bold

In the past years, thin-rimmed glasses and sunglasses have been very popular. We’ve seen them everywhere. And of course, as happens with so many trends, the opposite of this minimalistic style is now becoming more and more trendy. Say ‘bye bye’ to subtlety and ‘hello!’ to bigger and bolder styles that come in both metal and acetate.


Distinguishable luxury

The previous trend of big & bold goes hand in hand with the tendency to wear exclusive statement frames as real fashion accessories. It’s perfectly okay for people to notice your glasses or sunglasses and remember them. Don’t ever be shy about wearing glasses and showing people what you like, be proud!  


Sustainable eyewear

Just like in other realms of the fashion world, sustainability is getting a lot of attention in the world of eyewear. Brands try to reduce their carbon footprint, streamline their production processes and look for new and better materials to use. Lens companies experiment with using less water while producing lenses and of course, recycling materials is a big thing.


Slow fashion

A big part of becoming more sustainable as an eyewear brand is making your customers aware of the importance of buying high-quality glasses and sunglasses that will last you a long time. No need to throw away your frames after just one season because of faulty screws, a bad fit, or cheap materials that scratch and break. Fast fashion is so last season.


Tinted lenses

We saw this trend first with rimless frames, but it soon extended to other styles. With tinted lenses, you can give the frame of your choice that bit extra and make them more fitting with your personal style and taste. The best opticians out there offer a wide range of options from soft pink or orange to cooler tones like blue and green.



Why constrict yourself to women’s glasses when you can also rock some cool, bold frames from Cazal? And if you love a cat-eye, why not wear it even though you’re a guy? No one can decide which frames work for you and which do not, but you. Be yourself, choose whatever you like and rock that style!



Supreme X Carrera. The coolest cats out there.

Supreme X Carrera. The coolest cats out there.

It's one of the coolest brands out there: Supreme. Known for its red and white logo and its multiple collaborations with other brands that are as diverse as Skittles, Louis Vuitton, or Hästens. And now, Carrera is added to that famous list as well...

Supreme started out as a skater brand, and it still is. But their collaborations with other brands have attracted so much attention over the years, that you’d almost forget they sell ‘normal’ clothes and accessories as well. These collaborations give the public products they already know, but with a Supreme sauce over it and of course, a Supreme logo on it. To give you an idea, here are some cool examples…

Above: Supreme X Skitttles / Below: Supreme X Stanley

Above: Supreme X Butterfly / Below: Supreme X Hästens

Back to Carrera. This eyewear company has been making eyewear since 1956. It was named after an open road racing event in Mexico in the early 1950s, that was considered to be one of the most dangerous car races in the world. In the 1970s Carrera successfully collaborated with another company that loves car racing as much as they do: Porsche Design. Together, they launched an eyewear collection with some futuristic shield designs that to this day are considered to be iconic.

For the Supreme X Carrera collaboration, they took inspiration from a vintage pair of Carrera goggles. Both companies keep silent about which frame exactly, but we suspect it has to be the Porsche Design Carrera 5600 ski goggles. They do look a lot alike, don’t they?


Above: promotion picture of the original Porsche Design Carrera 5600 goggles / Below: Supreme X Carrera

So, which one do you prefer? The original or the Supreme edition?!


TOM FORD SS22: a glimpse of what’s to come

TOM FORD SS22: a glimpse of what’s to come

On September 13th, Tom Ford closed NY Fashion Week with his SS22 show. The King of Glamour showed his view of what’s to come in the world of fashion. And with that, he also gave a very sneak peek of where he might be going next with his eyewear collection…

When you hear ‘Tom Ford’, you know there will be glamour. So, it might come as somewhat of a surprise that his SS22 show was built around sportswear. That’s right. Shorts, racer back tanks and sweatpants. But fear not. Everything in true Tom Ford style, which means lots of sparkle, gold lamé fabric, sequins and satin.

His clothes weren’t the only thing referencing sportswear. Ford send four models down the catwalk wearing sunglasses. Two of them wore a shield-like frame that perfectly fits the sport-meets-street trend we’ve been seeing more and more of. But, just like the clothes, this frame is still more glamour than sports with its shiny gold detail and mirroring shield lens.

The other frame is reminiscing of those frames Neo wears in the Matrix. Small, but again in a shiny version. A gold frame with golden, mirroring glasses.

In the mood for more Tom Ford? We've got a showroom full of Tom Ford frames!


Wild child Iris Apfel: ‘More is more, and less is a bore.’

Wild child Iris Apfel: ‘More is more, and less is a bore.’

Not a lot of people make it to a hundred years old, but Iris Apfel is turning 100 on the 29th of August. Iris is living proof of how choosing original and bold glasses can give you an iconic look. Here’s to more years of Apfel’s great style and energy!

Her name might not ring a bell with everyone, but you’ve likely seen her image somewhere before. She’s a businesswoman, an interior designer, but most of all a fashion icon. Even more so now than in her younger days. She loves big jewelry – she’s often seen wearing multiple statement necklaces and bangles up to her elbows – lots of colors and of course big glasses. Her most iconic pair has to be the black rounded ones she’s pictured with so often.

We’ve used the happy occasion of Apfel’s birthday to highlight some oversized frames from our showroom that have the potential to become as iconic as Iris’ pair. There are the usual suspects who are known for their love of big and bold, like Tom Ford and Victoria Beckham Eyewear, but we also found some great examples by brands you might not expect.

Have a look and you might find your next pair of glasses that can make you a fashion icon too. And you can use what Iris Apfel always says as an excuse to go wild: ‘More is more, and less is a bore!’

Tom Ford


Victoria Beckham



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Discover the benefits of our VIP Club

Eyewear in the  Media

Eyewear in the Media

The newest eyewear and where to buy it

The newest eyewear and where to buy it


The ECO Ocean beach clean-up

The ECO Ocean beach clean-up

ECO Eyewear is taking their beach clean-ups from the coasts of the USA to Europe. Together with members of the ECO Eyewear family, they have dedicated themselves to cleaning up beaches so that coastal and ocean ecosystems can recover and improve.

It’s no secret that the oceans of the world are suffering from all the waste that we people dump everywhere. Turtles caught in fishnets. Fish who try to eat plastic waste. We’ve all seen the images and they’re not pretty. And it’s not just in the water where you can see the damage all that plastic causes. A lot of beaches are in pretty bad condition too, which has a serious effect on the ecosystem on land as well.


With their Ocean collection, ECO Eyewear is already trying to make the oceans a little bit cleaner. They turned over 30 tons of ocean plastic into cool eyewear. And now they are joining forces with people all over the world in a bid to make our beaches cleaner too. They started their beach clean-ups in the United States on the coasts of Miami, Orange County, and NYC, and are now taking them to Europe.


Portugal and Italy are the first countries where ECO beach clean-ups have been organized, and hopefully, more are soon to follow. If you want to get involved and start a beach clean-up in your city, you can contact ECO Eyewear and they will help you to get started. As they say at ECO ‘all big changes come in the form of many small ones’!


Protect your children's eyes

Protect your children's eyes

In a time when some young children know how to scroll before they know how to turn the page of a book, it is extremely important to make parents aware of the possible long-term damage screens can cause to their children’s eyes…

Young children are spending more and more time behind screens instead of playing outside. This is of course not a new trend. Ever since the introduction of smartphones and i-Pads people have been talking about the need for children to go and play outside. And we’ve been hearing warnings about the negative consequences of screens on our eyes for years now. Staring at a screen for long periods at a time can cause severe nearsightedness in the future. But there are still many parents out there who don’t seem to realize just how damaging screens are to their children’s eyes.


photos by DigiDaan

Dutch eyecare organization Het Oogfonds is launching a campaign that aims to raise awareness with parents – and their children – about this topic. The slogan ’20-20-2, daar red je je ogen mee!’ (20-20-2, saves your eyes!’) encourages parents to install some new rules around screen time. After 20 minutes behind a screen, you focus on something in the far distance for 20 seconds, and you have to make sure you spent at least 2 hours per day in the broad daylight. All this is to prevent children from developing nearsightedness later on in life.

To create even more awareness, Amsterdam’s science museum NEMO is working together with Oogfonds by dedicating the family exhibition ‘Zo te Zien’ (‘See it Your Way’) to seeing. It demonstrates how our eyes work and how special but also delicate they are.