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Glasses and sunglasses are widely seen as the most important fashion accessories, while at the same time they provide relaxed vision and protect against harmful sun rays. The founders of NanaWoody&John are worldwide known as ‘eyewear’ experts and lovers. They worked for and together with many brands, hosted the famous Club BRILLANT lounge at the SILMO in Paris, organized eyewear fashion shows from Dubai to Amsterdam as well as many iconic photoshoots. They participated in television shows and took the fashion press on many ‘eyewear’ trips all over the world, welcomed people at their yearly Fête de la Vue and NanaWoody&John Awards parties and are still asked frequently to supply eyewear for editorials.

At this website and on their social media they share the coolest brands, the latest trends, a lot of inspiration and the best stores. All of those stores are independent, yet share their belief in and dedication to quality, outstanding hospitality and professional craftsmanship and are definitely worth a visit!