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Sunny editorial in Vestal Magazine

If you love fashion and fashion photography, you have to have a look at Vestal Magazine. They posted a very cool editorial online for which we happily collaborated with the creative team, by providing them with some nice sunglasses…

Left: Shorts VINTAGE, sweatshirt ZIPPER, sunglasses ETNIA BARCELONA, socks WEEKDAY, sneakers CONVERSE.


Set in a skater park, model Nina Dozy shows us an eclectic mix of glittery dresses and vintage streetwear topped off with a skateboard and some cool sunglasses by AM Eyewear and Etnia Barcelona. Dutch photographer Carmen Kemmink and her team shot a super sunny series of photos and we are proud and happy to have been able to contribute a little bit as well!


Shorts VINTAGE, sweatshirt ZIPPER, sunglasses ETNIA BARCELONA

Vestal Magazine is an online magazine, but you can also buy a printed copy at selected specialty shops worldwide and in their own online store.


Dress ASOS, sweater THE GREAT, sunglasses AM EYEWEAR, socks GUCCI, shoes VANS.


Vestal Magazine

Photography: Carmen Kemmink

Styling: Studio Hector

Hair & Make-up: Pascale Hoogstrate

Model: Nina Dozy at Future Faces

OJO Vol. 2: Etnia Barcelona X Ignasi Monreal's capsule collection

OJO Vol. 2: Etnia Barcelona X Ignasi Monreal's capsule collection

They did it before and with success, so now Etnia Barcelona and artist Ignasi Monreal are again joining forces to launch OJO Vol. 2: a capsule collection of limited-edition sunglasses that add something very special to your face: an extra set of eyes...

Ignasi Monreal is called the enfant terrible of the Spanish art world. He joins apparently opposing references like art history and videogames to form his own visual world. Together with the design team of Etnia Barcelona, Monreal basically created a piece of jewelry disguised as a pair of sunglasses. Or the other way around… Either way, when you wear the Ignasi – it comes in lavender, jade green and classic Havana – you can be sure people will notice you. The rectangular frame is made from thick acetate and has an eye-popping detail on the temples: a pair of beautiful dark green eyes. Only 300 pairs will be available of each color so be quick if you want a pair! 

For more Etnia Barcelona you can check out our recently updated showroom.

The newest eyewear







Rita Ora and Silhouette: a perfect match

Rita Ora and Silhouette: a perfect match

Silhouette found a new brand ambassador in singer Rita Ora. And so, Rita will be rocking the Futura Dot this Summer, just like other musical icons did back in the 70s. But be quick if you also want a pair: this re-edition is limited to 1964 pieces only...

Rita Ora is not only a pop star but also a fashion icon who is not afraid to make a statement with her outfits which makes her the perfect match with Silhouette. The futuristic looking Futura Dot is the perfect accessory with which she can top off her outfits.


The Futura Dot was originally made for the catwalk only but turned out to be so popular Silhouette quickly decided to put this model into production. With success. It had several updates over the years, without ever losing its unique futuristic look and feel. To keep the latest Special Edition version of this pair of sunglasses exclusive, there are only 1964 pairs sold worldwide.

Fisher Island 8182 in color 8540

 What Silhouette is most famous for is its rimless frames that weigh less to nothing. Rita shows us just how luxurious these sunglasses are. The color gradient glasses add the right amount of glamour to any Summer outfit.

Inspired by Rita? Have a look at the Silhouette showroom to see what pair suits you best and find your Silhouette dealer here.

Futura Dot 9912 in color 9040

Statement Sunnie 8186 in color 3530

Rimless Shades Fisher Island 8182 in color 8540

Futura Dot 9912 in color 6030

Rimless Shades Fisher Island 8182 in color 3520


New showroom alert: Morel Eyewear

New showroom alert: Morel Eyewear

The newest brand in our showroom is one that’s got quite the history. Family-run Morel has been making eyewear since as early as 1880. The fourth generation of Morel’s is now in charge, successfully introducing this French brand to the rest of the world...

Back in the late nineteenth century, Jules Morel who started out as a farmer in the French Jura, created his first pince-nez (a pair of glasses with a nose clip and no temples). It was the beginning of the successful eyewear story of Morel. Over the years to come, the company would slowly grow into what it is now: an eyewear brand with a strong heritage and a global reach.

For today’s collection, the brand often finds inspiration in its own archives. For instance, their 1880 collection offers re-interpretations of designs from the earliest days of Morel: delicate frames with a unique look and a vintage feel to them.

Their collections of optical glasses and sunglasses always complement your face without being loud. But don’t mistake their subtle look for boring. Unexpected shapes, soft gradient colors, and every now and then the use of prints make all Morel frames unique and interesting.

Founder Jules Morel not only had a love for eyewear, but as a farmer also for his land. This love for both is still a prominent part of the Morel brand. The company has committed itself not only to reduce their use of energy sources, become a zero-paper office and reduce their waste, but also to work on biodiversity by hosting 12 beehives on their property.

Go here if you want to see the latest Morel collection.


New showroom alert: Max Mara

New showroom alert: Max Mara

We are happy to announce a new addition to our ever-expanding collection of showrooms: Max Mara Eyewear. This brand is the epitome of Italian style and luxury and its collection of super feminine glasses and sunglasses is so worth checking out...

Italian fashion house Max Mara is probably most famous for its luxurious cashmere coats that are of such high quality that they get passed down from generation to generation. True investment pieces.

Max Mara optical glasses and sunglasses have the same sense of sophistication as we’ve come the expect from this brand and just like the fashion collection, they are made from the highest quality materials. Both the optical glasses and sunglasses are super feminine and timeless. Especially the sunglasses tend to take the term ‘oversized’ to a new level and will definitely add some glamour to your life.

For the SS2022 collection, Max Mara took inspiration from two extraordinary women. Irish architect and designer Eileen Gray who was a pioneer for the Modern Movement. And secondly, Lee Miller. A model, a fashion photographer who had some of the biggest names of her times in front of her lens and also a war correspondent during WWII. Inspiring women, to say the least, that give life to this collection.

If our little selection makes you hungry for more, check out the entire Max Mara showroom here.


Balmain’s boy wonder Olivier Rousteing gives us a new Wonder Boy

Balmain’s boy wonder Olivier Rousteing gives us a new Wonder Boy

A few weeks ago during Paris Fashion Week, Paris was even more about fashion than normal. Among the designers showing their new collections was Olivier Rousteing for Balmain. He gave us clothes, but also a sneak preview of some new Balmain eyewear....

Wonder Boy III in Gold

It’s worthwhile to keep a close eye on the shows during Paris Fashion Week if you like to stay updated on what is happening in the world of fashion, but also in the world of eyewear. Often, designers take the opportunity of showing their new fashion collections to also show the world what they have in store for us regarding eyewear. Take the Balmain show. To finish of the looks of some of the models, Rousteing gave them the newest edition of probably his most famous pair of sunglasses to wear, namely the Wonder Boy III. 

Following two earlier Wonder Boy editions, this third version of the iconic shield frames is of course also made in the typical Balmain color combination of black and gold. A small visor made from titanium sticks out giving this frame a very powerful silhouette. The shields on the temples are covered in the historic Balmain labyrinth motif. Unmistakably a Wonder Boy.


Admirable in Bone

Brigitte in Dark Blue

Besides this iconic pair of sunglasses, a sneak preview of the new Balmain eyewear collection shows some beautiful rounded frames in black, blue and brown and a rectangular one in a soft off-white. Of course, all frames have the complex detailing in gold and metal that is so typical for Balmain. 

Croissy in Dark Brown

You can watch the Balmain fashion show below to see the Wonder Boy III in action and if you’re interested in more Balmain eyewear, there is as always a whole showroom for you to check out.